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800 Silver Egyptian Revival Blue Scarab Link Bracelet, Art Deco Vintage Jewelry 1940s

800 Silver Egyptian Revival Blue Scarab Link Bracelet, Art Deco Vintage Jewelry 1940s

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The Blue Scarab Bracelet is a stunning piece of Art Deco jewelry from the 1940s. This vintage bracelet features ceramic blue scarabs that beautifully capture the essence of ancient Egyptian symbolism. The silver links are crafted from 800 silver, with hallmarks indicating their authenticity and origin from Egypt in 1941.

The bracelet has a weight of 29 grams, giving it a substantial feel without being too heavy on the wrist. Its link design allows for a comfortable fit, with a length measuring approximately 18 centimeters or 7 inches. The width of the bracelet is 2 centimeters.

Highlighted by its striking blue scarabs, this Egyptian Revival bracelet is a true testament to the Art Deco style. Its intricate design make it a unique and eye-catching accessory. With its vibrant blue color and symbolic significance, this bracelet is sure to spark conversations and admiration.


- Vintage from the 1940s, adding a touch of history and nostalgia to your collection.

- Made from 800 silver, displaying the craftsmanship and refinement of the era.

- Features ceramic blue scarabs, a classic Egyptian motif that represents rebirth and protection.

- Art Deco style, showcasing bold colors that were popular during the time.


- Adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, whether it's for a special occasion or everyday wear.

- Makes a unique gift for jewelry enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate vintage pieces.

- The symbolic significance of the blue scarabs can be a source of inspiration and positivity.

- Crafted with attention to detail and quality, ensuring its longevity and durability.

 Each item has been tested by a jeweler to determine its metal content and by a gemologist to identify the stones. Stone carat weight is approximate and may vary. (We do not remove the stones from the frame to weigh them). Antique and vintage jewelry is often not perfect and may show normal signs of surface wear due to age or minor imperfections due to the fact that it was handmade rather than mass-produced. This is what makes each product unique!

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