About us

Vintage jewelry can become a key part of your wardrobe and an identifier of your personal style. Vintage suits the young, the old and everything in between – you just need to find the piece that works for you.

Victoria, owner of SoChicFinds has completed the Gemological Centre of Ukraine Diploma, and is a jewelry art expert.

We source our items from our network of dealers and auctioneers and prior to listing an item we complete a number of checks

  • Examining the style and materials of the item, which can give an indication of the age.
  • Identifying hallmarks. Where hallmarks exist they may identify a country or city where the item was assayed, which metals were used (Gold, Silver, Platinum), the purity of the metal ( 925 Silver or 18K Gold) and the date the item was assayed. Not all items are hallmarked and in these cases we conduct tests to identify whether an item is silver, gold, platinum or base metal.
  • Confirming the gemstones within the item, where applicable. We carry out a visual examination (with a loupe) and various gemological tests to identify the type of gemstone.
  • Checking for any signs of wear to the item prior to sale. We always clearly state any signs of wear in the item description.
  • Before the sale of the product, we always clean and disinfect, if necessary, repairs are carried out.

Our vintage jewelry has been previously worn, in some cases for over one hundred years. This means that items are not pristine and many will show some signs of wear. This does not take away from how stunning these pieces are and the items we sell are in beautiful wearable condition.  We take time to ensure that our photos and descriptions give a real feel for each piece. We hope you like our selection.